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Lavender French 40/42 FCC Essential Oil
(Lavendula Officinalis)

  • steam distilled in amber bottle with dropper
  • 1/2 oz. concentrate - call for pricing
  • 1 oz. concentrate - call for pricing

Tea Tree Essential Oil from Australia
(Melaleuca alternifolia )

  • steam distilled in amber bottle with dropper
  • 1/2 oz. concentrate - call for pricing
  • 1 oz. concentrate - call for pricing

Peppermint Essential Oil from Yakima, Washington (Terpene Free)
(Mentha Piperita)

  • steam distilled in amber bottle with dropper
  • 1/2 oz. concentrate - call for pricing
  • 1 oz. concentrate - call for pricing

Parsley Herb Essential Oil from Oregon
(Petroselinum Sativum)

  • steam distilled in amber bottle with dropper
  • 1/4 oz. concentrate - call for pricing
  • 1/2 oz. concentrate - call for pricing
  • 1 oz. concentrate - call for pricing

Pure Shea Oil, from Ghana
(Butyrospermun Parkii)

  • expeller pressed
  • unscented
  • 4 oz. bottle - call for pricing

**Larger sizes/quantities of these essential oils are available. Call for pricing of larger sizes as well as over 100 other essential oils.

Episilk Premium Facial Cream
(click Hyaluronic Acid for more information from Hyalogic)

  • From Hyalogic
  • Soften your facial lines and rejuvenate your skin with this concentrated Hyaluronic Acid (HA)/Sodium Hyaluronate face cream. Renew the moisture that time takes out with Episilk.
  • 2 oz. jar
  • Call for special price.

Episilk Premium Hand and Body Lotion

  • From Hyalogic
  • This hand and body lotion is 100% natural and contains high concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid (HA)/Sodium Hyaluronate. Moisturize and relieve dry chapped skin and leave skin softer and smoother while improving the overall texture and tone.
  • 8 fl. oz. plastic squeeze bottle
  • Call for special price.

Synthovial Seven

  • From Hyalogic
  • Alleviate your joint pains and enjoy younger looking, healthier skin. Just a dropper full once a day of this unique oral Hyaluronic Acid (HA)/Sodium Hyaluronate supplement will change your life!
  • 1 fl. oz. bottle with dropper
  • Call for special price.



Salt Rock Crystal Lamps from the Foothills of the Himalayans

  • Sizes available from 4-5 pounds (mini) to 18-21 pounds (X-Large)
  • Lamp includes Wood Stand, Light Cord & Bulb
  • Call for pricing and sizes.
  • Based on weight costs range from $18 to $90.00 and shipping costs are additional, and are subject to change at anytime

Himalayan Salt Lamps vary in color from light apricot to dark orange, with every shade of pink and peach in between. The ionizing effects create a special calming, soothing, balancing and tranquil atmosphere. They can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, meditation rooms, the office, hallways, waiting rooms and for Feng Shui energy. The light within the lamp produces and emits a higher number of negative ions and delivers a natural ionization to improve air quality. Bring this calming ambience and exquisite beauty to any room of office.

Computer Users: Great for reducing fatique & EMF (electromagnetic pollution) created by all electric equipment. Naturally ionize your home & office.

Disclaimer: Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

See Ordering for ordering information and Terms and Agreements

Complete Product List

Any and all product lines subject to change at any time (additions and/or deleletions).
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Alacer Corp Lane Medical/ Lane Labs
Allergy Research Lidtke Technologies
AllVia/Integrative Pharmaceuticals LSI International
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American Biosciences Metabolic Maintenance
American Biotech Labs MRL Homeopathic USA
American Nutriceuticals Natural Immunogenics Corp
Arthur Andrew Medical Natural Health International
Ayush Herbs/Interplexus Natural Ophthalmics
Bach Flower Remedies Natural Veterinary Pharmaceuticals
Bauman Nutrition Naturally Vitamins
Bezwecken Nature's Sources/Kolorex
Bioclinic Naturals Nature's Way
Biocodex/Florastor NuetroScience Inc.
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BioPharma Scientific NUGO Nutrition
Boiron Homeopathics Nutrasal Inc.
Biosyntrx OncoQol by Thome
Bottles Pacific Biologic
Collagen M.D. Perque
D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition Peter Rabbit Skin Care
DaVinci Labs Pharmax/Seroyal
Derm Care/ Pet Products pHenomenal Water
Designs For Health Physiologics
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Douglas Labs Professional Complementary Health Formulas
Dr's Advantage Progena
Dr. Garber's Biotherapy Formulas Progressive Labs
Dr. Wilson's Original Formulations Protocol
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EcoNugenics Pure Encapsulations
EuroMedica/EuroPharma Quality of Life Labs
Emerita Quincy BioScience/Prevagen
Enzymatic Therapy Ridgecrest Herbals
Enzyme Science RTC Labs
Extended Health Sabre Sciences, Inc.
Enzymedica SafeCare Rx
For Pits Sake! SanRe Organic Skinfood
Gaia Herbs/Professional Solutions Scrip
Guna Biotherapeutics Seroyal/Genestra
Health Concerns Seroyal/Unda
Heartland Products SmartyPants Corp.
Heel/BHI Homeopathics TCM Zone
Heritage Nutraceutical Time4Health
Hevert Pharmaceuticals Theramedix / Enzymedic
Himalayan Institute Thorne Organics
Host Defense Thorne Research Veterinary
Hyalogic, LLC Tiger Balm
iagen Naturals US Enzymes
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Innate Response Formulas Viatrexx Bio
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